Carroll’s music is rooted in modern, post-Coltrane jazz. His sound has more to do
with the European style guitarists who record for ECM than with the

    Stephen Brunt, The London Free press

Carroll delivered two sets of warm, lyrical, occasionally languid
sounds that evoked the ‘chamber-jazz’ feel of Mick Goodrick or John
Abercrombie… While there’s a definite edge and intensity to Carroll’s
playing, he’s not especially brusque or bruising in his attack. Indeed,
with his penchant for swaying and nodding rhythms, much of his material
has a kind of delicious narcotizing effect.

    James Adams, The Edmonton Journal

The fact that Carroll is also a fine classic guitarist shows in the
clean, flowing lines he produces and the fine control he
demonstrates… Generally he soars around weightlessly with a lyrical
quality and a sense of shape and style, as well as precision, rarely
found in a pop musician.

    Alice Artzt, The Absolute Sound

Canadian guitarist Rob Carroll covers broad tracts of jazz terrain on
both electric and acoustic, venturing into white-hot rhythmic
experiments with his band.

    Tom Mulhern, Guitar Player Magazine

With his singing, almost ghost-like echoing sound and single-note lines
Carroll plays in a manner strongly suggestive of fellow Canadian Sonny
Greenwich… Carroll’s tone has softer contours and is less searing
than that of Greenwich, but he seems intent on the same purifying
process, stripping his sound to the bare essentials.

    Lois Moody, The Ottawa Citizen

Rob Carroll is one of a number of evocative, reflective and technically
faultless guitarists in Canada who walk the lines between jazz, rock
and serious music.

    Richard Flohil, Canadian Composer